A new podcast by Jasper van der Kort & Ting Jui Lin, explores the potential of uncovering London's hidden urban streams, as a response to the threat of climate change.

Half of the underground stations in London are at significant risk of flooding. The pair investigate how daylighting, a term that describes the opening up of concealed waterways, has become a viable strategy in urban development and may have many possible benefits of for the liveability of the city.

The podcast was made as part of a brief undertaken by the 2019/20 members of N.A.W.

Jasper van der Kort is currently completing a traineeship at Southbank Centre, working in the Archives and Libraries. He is interested in architectural heritage, particularly that which lies behind seemingly insignificant buildings, along with the socio-economic impact of the built environment.

Ting Jui has practiced in both Taipei and London. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate education at the Bartlett School of Architecture, and is currently training to qualify as an architect. She is fascinated by the architecture of diplomacy and international relations, in which architectural typologies are metamorphic and empowered. As part of her postgraduate research,Ting Jui produced an architectural film essay, Anatomical Embassy, which was exhibited at the London Arch Film Festival in 2017. She continues to combine the media of film, literature, sound and architecture in her work.