Meet Laxmi Andrews, Walid Bhatt, Leithan Brimah, Julia Cabanas, Yanqi Huang, Daniel Owusu, Chloe Shang, Alfred Yeung & Salimat Yéwándé

Laxmi Andrews

Laxmi Andrews is a Londoner and an architecture graduate from the University of Cambridge. She is interested in the spatial impacts of globalisation, and currently works as a production assistant at The World Around.

Walid Bhatt

Walid Bhatt is an artist and architectural assistant working in film, furniture and buildings. His work sits between a reverence for the everyday and a radical spirit informed by his own heritage.

Leithan ‘Xajji’ Brimah

Leithan Brimah is an artist working between architecture, writing, film, photography, design and music. His work is based on story-telling, sometimes with a comedic tone, to communicate a more pragmatic sensibility to architecture.

Julia Cabanas

Julia Cabanas is a Filipino-British architect at Arup and a Design Fellow at the University of Cambridge. She incorporates decolonial principles into her teaching. As co-founder of Bamboo for Better, Julia designs community-centred bamboo structures in the Philippines.

Yanqi Huang

Yanqi Huang is an architectural historian trained at the University of York and the Bartlett School of Architecture. His research revises architectural historiography with micro-histories of reformist institutions and practitioners. He has a special interest in post-war York and East Yorkshire.

Daniel Owusu

Daniel Owusu is an artist and technician working between architecture, installation, writing and time-based media. His practice seeks to investigate the structures of memory. He is training as an architect at the Architectural Association.

Chloe Shang

Chloe Shang is an architectural designer and graduate of the Royal College of Art and the University of Cambridge. Her work focuses on the architecture of health and healing. She was awarded the RIBA President’s Dissertation Medal.

Alfred Yeung

Alfred Yatlong Yeung is a Hong Kong-born designer at Eric Parry Architects. His work explores the cross-cultural angle on neoliberalism in the ‘West’. He encompasses fiction and experimental writing, and has appeared on the Toe Rag & Carrion Press.

Salimat Yéwándé

Salimat Yéwándé is an advocate for sustainable and gender-inclusive design. She co-curates African Female Architects, a magazine hub that amplifies the voices of African women in architecture.