Have you ever said no to an opportunity that felt a bit...off? N.A.W. members Lois Innes and Ewa Effiom host a conversation with Alice Grandoit & Joseph Zeal-Henry as part of their Architecture Foundation takeover entitled ‘Depends on Your Perspective’ streaming throughout October 2020

At times, conversations around inequality within the architecture and design industries can manifest in acts of tokenism, unfair pay and the general relentless asking of BAME individuals to report on diversity and little else (yawn).

So when is the right time to say no? We would like to hear from our guests as well as our audience; how did you overcome that moral ‘hotspot’? How did you say no? Did this influence the way you approached or accepted work after? 

Join Lois Innes and Ewa Effiom as we discuss this with Alice GrandoitJoseph Zeal-Henry.


7pm, Thursday, 15 October 2020

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via Zoom

As part of the N.A.W. Takeover of the Architecture Foundation entitled ‘Depends on Your Perspective’ streaming throughout October 2020.